Your fundraising simplified by our turnkey solution

• you claim your terms
• investors subscribe in complete security
• you receive the funds, they get the securities and benefit from tax exemptions (*)
• your shares can be exchanged and new investors can discover your business
• you keep the control of your company in complete confidentiality

*subject to the eligibility of your company

Secured fundraising

• Investor identification and anti-money laundering procedures
• Fund raising for your capital increase

Stock token

• Creation of the investment vehicle dedicated to your fundraising 
#SPV #crowdfunding
• Creation of the vehicle’s digital tokens-stock
#token #STO #blockchain


• Over-the-counter trades between investors
• Public introduction possible if your company performs


The first real-world asset exchange based in Europe

IBEx is the first European-based real assets exchange. The IBEx team is one of the first players and pioneers of the gateways between TradFi and DeFi.





Founded in 2018, IBEx has a comprehensive and sovereign technology stack that gives it broad control over its value proposition.

Our IBEx exchange is a DLT market infrastructure based on Precedence, our layer 2 proof-of-existence digital asset blockchain technology, which operates without smart contracts to maximize its security and agility.

For issuers, IBEx now makes it possible to simplify SME financing, or to fragment real estate. IBEx connects their Real World Asset (RWA) ERC20 or BEP20 to investors who can acquire them in euros or crypto-currencies.
Investors can have their RWAs in their non-custodial account (Metamask, Ledger, more generally their wallet on the Ethereum Level 1 blockchain or BNBChain) or use IBEx’s custodial and market services.

IBEx allows investors to buy or sell RWAs via an over-the-counter (OTC) market and a spot market (SPOT).
IBEx manages sub-asset classes on its layer2 to create liquidity mechanisms common in private equity.


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